Work with a snow removal company in Price, East Carbon, & Huntington, UT

Snow buildup can be a hassle to deal with unless you have the right equipment. Instead of spending hours shoveling snow in freezing weather, let a professional handle it quickly. Turn to Huntsman Excavation and Land Clearing for snow plowing services in Price, East Carbon, & Huntington, UT. When you reach out to our snow removal company, we'll promptly remove snow to make sure you can safely leave your property.

Contact us now if you're stuck on your property due to snow.

Learn more about our snow removal process

Trust us to work quickly to clear your property. Local homeowners pick us as their snow removal company because:

  • We use professional plowing equipment
  • We can clear roads, driveways and sidewalks
  • We spread salt to prevent freezing

You won't have to worry about us missing a spot or blocking you in with our plow. If you have any questions about our snow plowing services, call us today at 435-749-7055.